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Testing a Snapdisc at Home

Testing a Snapdisc

Testing a snapdisc might sound like it would be difficult to do yourself, but you can actually do a simple test using less than $10 worth of items. Special equipment is required to test the specific temperature setting of a switch, but testing if the switch opens and closes its contacts is fairly easy.

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First you’ll need a way to test continuity. A continuity tester might sound like a fancy piece of equipment, but you can actually find a simple one on Amazon that’s fairly inexpensive. Clip one end to one terminal and touch the sensor to the other terminal. Depending on what kind of switch you have, the light on the continuity tester may come on. For example, if you have a switch that closes at 90°F and opens at 110°F, then the switch should have continuity at room temperature. To make sure the contacts open on this switch, you can use a lighter. Heat the bottom of the switch up with the lighter while keeping the continuity tester connected. Once the switch has heated up, the light on the continuity tester will turn off. You can then let the switch cool back down and see the light go back on.


Continuity Tester


A switch that opens or closes at a cold temperature is a little more time consuming to test, but still fairly easy. To test a cold switch, just put it in the freezer. After 10-15 minutes, take the switch out and test continuity. You can then let the switch warm up naturally or use a lighter to speed up the process.

It’s really just that easy! If your testing proves successful, then you know that your switch is working.

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