Temperature Switch Controls Heating Element

Temperature Switch Controls Heating ElementThe location of the temperature switch inside your heating element should be well thought through. Temperature will change in various locations within the system depending on the heating element location. The further you distance from the heating element, the lower the temperature. Where a temperature switch is located will determine how accurate it can measure and control the system. Senasys typically recommends with all of our temperature switches the closer you can get to the heating element the better for the most accurate reading and fastest response time.

Our snap disc temperature switch is available as exposed for a faster response time than our standard if required. Click here to contact us for more information on your heating element temperature switch.

Senasys manufacturers a variety of temperature switches:

  • Bi-metal Snap Disc
  • Bulb and Capillary Thermostats
  • Line Voltage Thermostats
  • Plenum Mount Duct Limit Switch
  • Electronic Temperature Switch

For more information about our temperature switches, click here to contact us today!

Senasys designs and manufactures a wide range of thermostat switches including, bimetal snap action, fluid filled capillary style, and a digital style thermostat switch. Available as a fixed temperature or adjustable temperature solution, our thermostat switches range from sensing -50-700°F.

Our thermostat switches are made in the USA, 100% tested before leaving the factory and sold all over the globe.

We offer a variety of mounting options, terminals, and other custom configurations.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, contact our direct technical sales support today!


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