Snap Discs in Helicopter Landing Pads
Helipads are vital infrastructures that play a pivotal role in various industries, from emergency medical services […]
Differences in Wire Gauges
Why do the differences in wire gauges matter? Simple, using too thin of a wire could […]
Fixed Temperature Switches
You may be wondering the difference in 1/2″ and a 3/4″ bi-metal Disc besides just the […]
Electrical contact metal types
Manufacturers use many different types of metal on their plated electrical contacts such as gold, silver, […]
Farm Animals Heated Water Bowl
When your farm animals’ heated water bowl goes out in the winter seasons, it can be […]
404 manual reset snap disc thermostat, Notched Bracket
Testing a Snapdisc Testing a snapdisc might sound like it would be difficult to do yourself, […]
Fixing a space heater yourself can save you both the headache and cost of hiring someone […]
Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Switch
Snapdisc Mounting Style With snapdiscs, different applications will require a different snapdisc mounting style. Temperature switches […]
A heater limit switch is used to prevent a heater from reaching dangerous temperatures. While the […]
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