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Tag: PTY Switches

Industrial Control Switch in a Control Panel

Industrial Control Switch Senasys manufactures industrial control switches that are typically used in control panels. An industrial control switch is much more durable and robust than a standard switch. Their functionality is highly customizable, which makes them ideal for applications where off the shelf switches won’t get the job done. […]

How to Determine the Part Number for your CMC Switch

CMC Micro-Switch CMC multi light controls are ideal for panel mount control systems. The four quadrant feedback lights and multi-position selector units provide the same functionality as a number of simpler switches but require much less panel space. The operating flexibility allows complex circuits to be setup with one switch […]

Replacing a PTY Switch

Out PTY Push-Pull switches can be found in a variety of industrial settings. However, we are not able to provide a direct replacement to some variations of the PTY switch due to the fact that some variations use a transformer that we no longer have in stock. We do still […]