Thermal Switch Reduces Energy

Thermal switch specs: 2570F068-640 (Close by 35°F, Open by 25°F)

W.K. of Laramie, WY is using one of our sealed thermal switches to reduce depletion of battery charge at freezing temperatures in a solar lighting system.

Two 10-watt LEDs, mounted from a solar panel, flood the entry of a housing development in Laramie, WY.   At nearly 7200 ft above sea level Laramie faces very cold winter temps, -30°F is not uncommon.    At such low temps the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery, though not damaged by freezing, will not recharge adequately.

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W.K. attached our sealed thermostat switch directly to the battery and wired it in series with one of the LEDs. So when the temperature is below freezing the switch (being open) prevents the second LED from turning on, thereby reducing load on the battery and the probability of battery depletion at night.

His conclusion, “This simple switch increases the reliability of the system.”

Our temperature switches work by using a bimetal disc. The bimetal disc in the switch reacts to heat, and opens or closes a set of contacts based on what the ambient temperature is. This is works because the different metals in the disc react to heat in different ways, which causes the disc to bend.

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  • Variety of terminal orientations
  • Temperatures from 0°-350°F (-18°-176°C)
  • UL rated for over 100,000 cycles
  • Made in the USA

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