Snapdisc thermostat switches are used in a variety of applications. One such application for a snapdisc is as a dishwasher high limit switch. The reason a dishwasher high limit switch exists is to shut the dishwasher off if the water temperature gets too high. You need hot water to clean dishes properly, but if the water is too hot then the appliance might overheat. This could cause damage to the internal components and result in an expensive repair bill.

A limit switch opens on temperature rise. This means that it will shut off the power to the dishwasher if the environment gets too hot. Once the switch has cooled back down, then the contacts will close and allow power to get to the dish washer. However, this can cause problems if the switch is not working properly. A defective temperature switch might cause the dishwasher to shut off too soon, or not turn on at all. You may need to replace the switch if you run into this problem. Give us a call if you need help identifying the switch you need, or visit our online store to purchase.

A snapdisc being installed in a dishwasher

If you are curious about how to test your limit switch, you can find out how to do so in this article.  If you need to replace the temperature switch in your dishwasher, you can purchase our epoxy sealed switches here. With shipping, a replacement switch will cost you under $25. That’s certainly cheaper than calling a repairman!

Example of a dishwasher high limit switch

Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc

Senasys Epoxy Sealed Snapdisc

Senasys offers two different standard varieties of epoxy sealed thermostat switches. All are designed for extended use in extreme environments, built using our patented metal sleeve rivet construction and sealed to protect against salt spray, water, moisture and heat. These hermetically sealed thermostat switches are UL approved.

These sealed thermal switches are highly versatile, carrying up to 15 Amps at 120VAC, are available SPST. The bimetal thermodisc within is set to a precise temperature range between -20°-220°F (-25°-105°C). The temperature range determines when the thermal switch will close, or engage the electrical circuit, and when it will automatically reset, or open.

If you would like to know more about the various applications our snapdisc thermostats are used in, click here

For more information about our snap disc thermostats, click here.

Senasys is also able to provide custom options to fit your specific requirements. If you are unable to find a snapdisc that fits your specific needs, contact us!

As always, we love to hear from our customers about how they use our products. If you have an interesting application, tell us more about it here!


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