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Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch

Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Application

Senasys recently had a manufacturer reach out to us with a temperature monitoring application where they would like to have a thermostat switch control the fan and limit. The manufacturer was previously using a Honeywell Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch, P/N L4064B2236, in a heated duct application. The Honeywell Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch is similar to our TC Series, but at this time, the TC series only breaks on temperature rise. Using two snap disc thermostat switches, Senasys was able to achieve the temperature range using one snap disc to control the fan and another snap disc ahead of the other as a high limit – click drawing below.
Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch

Digital Temperature Switch Controls Fan and LimitDigital Switch Probe Style Product Image

This application also seems like a great fit for Senasys’ new digital switch to control both fan and limit. Although, the best solution would be to mount the PC board into our TC series housing to sense the bi-metal coil movement. This was not a drop in replacement for this manufacturer as further research and development is required to achieve the application requirements.
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