Sealed Thermostat Switch in Rocket Stove

Sealed Thermostat Switch Controls Rocket Stove Blower

2570 Series Bimetal Thermostat

DIYers you’ll love this homemade “Dual Plane Rocket Stove.”

A sealed thermostat switch is mounted to a heat exchanger, which, in turn, is connected to a blower.  When the heated water in the pipes of the exchanger reaches 100°F the switch turns the blower on, and turns it off again when the temperature drops to 85°F.

Switch Performs Nicely and Easy to Integrate

G.S. of Rolla, MO found the Senasys sealed thermostat switch (2570L211-227) useful for controlling the blower on his homemeade rocket stove.  He says, “[The switch] is performing quite nicely and was very easy to integrate with my system.”

Click here to see his video of the complete setup.

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For more information about our sealed thermostat switches, contact our direct technical support at 715-831-6353.

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