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Replacing a PTY Switch

Out PTY Push-Pull switches can be found in a variety of industrial settings. However, we are not able to provide a direct replacement to some variations of the PTY switch due to the fact that some variations use a transformer that we no longer have in stock. We do still manufacture the full voltage PTY switches, which can be found on page 13 of our PT catalog. For example, if you’re looking for a replacement for a PTY2213B, a possible replacement would be a PTY2123B. These two switches both function and look the same, they just have a different power input.

PTY Push Pull

PTY switches are often used as emergency stop buttons due to their reliability, simplicity, and durability. In situations where an emergency stop button needs to be used you don’t want to have to rely on a button that could break or not function properly if pushed too hard. If you have any questions about our PTY switches, or any of our other industrial controls, be sure to contact us.

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