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Photoelectric Sensors

Senasys Photosensors

Our variety of photoelectric sensors is aimed at all automation solutions where noncontact object detection can be utilized. The wide variety of different operating principles, models, sizes and specifications means that the best possible sensor can always be found for the relevant application and all conditions that occur in practice can be met.

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Thru Beam Photo SensorThrough Beam Sensors

Thru-beam sensors use a scanning technique where the emitter and receiver are aligned opposite one another. The advantage of this is that the light reaches the receiver directly and long detection ranges and high excess gain can therefore be achieved. If the light beam is interrupted, the output is activated… (read more)

Retroreflective Photo SensorRetroreflective Sensors

The emitter and receiver are in a single housing such that the retroreflective sensors are easy to install. The light beam is directed at a retroreflective target. Positioning a reflector on the opposite side and align the sensor with it, the target returns the light along the same path it was sent… (read more)

Diffuse Mode Photo SensorDiffuse Mode Sensors

Diffuse mode sensors are easy to install, since only one device has to be fitted and no reflector is required. These sensors operate primarily at close range, feature optimum switching accuracy, and can reliably detect even very small objects. The sensors with background suppression sense only a specific area in front of the sensor. The sensor ignores any objects that are outside of this area… (read more)