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PW2 Miniature Oiltight Controls

Please note, these products are no longer available. For possible replacement options, please contact us.

This line is very similar to the PW, but provides square operators for a very clean and compact panel look. Custom text is available on the controls themselves instead of the usual nameplate around the control. Standard and illuminated pushbuttons, indicating lights and selector switches are available. NEMA 4 & 13, UL & CSA listed.

View the PW2 Miniature Oiltight Control’s catalog pages for more information.

PW2D_1PW2D Dual Lamp Indicators

These units provide twice the feedback in one small package.

PW2HA1AF3_1PW2H Lighted Pushbuttons

Flexible supply of 6 to 120 Volts allows this switch to provide feedback from a range of power supplies.

PW2J_1PW2J Dual Lamp Pushbuttons

The dual lamp switches provide added options for twice the feedback in the same package size.

PW2K_1PW2K Key Selector

Two and three position, maintained and spring return key switches provide a nice option for key selector functionality.

PW2DA11AE2_1 (1)PW2L Indicators

The same form factor indicators and push to test indicators allow for consistent panel appearance.

PW2M_1PW2M Mushroom Head Pushbuttons

Larger mushroom head buttons allow easier activation without taking additional panel space.

PW2SHJ01_2PW2S Selector

Up to five position, maintained and spring return switches allow for many functions on this standard selector.

PW2U_1PW2U Selector Push

Two and three position selector push units combine the features of two switches into one unit.