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PW Miniature Oiltight Controls

This is a 22.5 mm mounted line that uses the PW contact blocks. Up to four contact blocks (single-pole standard duty or 2-pole electronic duty) can be used per operator. Standard and illuminated pushbutton operators, indicating lights including dual and push-to-test versions and two to five position selector switches are available. This is a very compact line with round operators that allow very good utilization of space. NEMA 4 and 13, UL & CSA listed.

View the PW Miniature Oiltight Control’s catalog pages for more information.

PWDA2111_1PWD Dual Indicator

The unique split cover allows for two different colored sections to provide separate feedback for these indicators.

PWH1211_1PWH Lighted Pushbutton

These lighted pushbuttons allow feedback through the unit from 6V to 120V AC/DC supplies.

PWKGB1351_1PWK Key Operated Selector

Two to four position key operated switches with spring return and key removal location options create many options for small footprint limited access control.

PWLA951_1PWL Indicator

The standard indicators provide high visibility indication from 6 V to 120 VAC/DC input.

PWM11_1PWM Mushroom Head Pushbutton

Two different button sizes and special “Emerg Stop” printed buttons provide different options for this group.

PWP17_1PWP Pushbutton

Three different guard options allow a range of protection for these standard pushbuttons.

PWSFB101_1 (1)PWS 60° Selector

Having as many as five postions allows this unit to control more functions on a single switch.

PWU_1PWU 60° Selector-Push

Two or three positions selector – push units allow a broad range of flexibility for one small control.

PWV_1PWV Potentiometer

500 to 50,000 Ohm, 2 Watt, linear potentiometers are available in the 22.5 mm package.