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PT Heavy Duty Oiltight Controls

These true Industrial Switches are built to last. Rated NEMA 4 & 13 with elastomer seals to keep out water, oils, hydraulic fluids and other liquids these are used in all kinds of harsh environments. With up to four PT contact blocks the operator can control either 16 heavy duty circuits or 32 electronic circuits (silver or gold contacts). Our unique PTY push-pull switch and the PTU selector-push switches round out a broad line of sturdy switches. Standard and custom nameplates are available as are accessories such as guards, padlocking devices, etc. NEMA 4 & 13, UL & CSA listed.

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PTFNA201_1PTF 90° Selectors

Two to four position, 90 degree stop units offer solid switching functionality.

PTH3151_1PTH Lighted Pushbuttons

The lighted pushbuttons can provide feedback from the pushbutton operation or indicate the pushbutton function is available for use.

PTKGB2321_1PTK Key Selectors

Two to four position key operated switches with spring return and key removal location options create many options for heavy duty limited access control.

PTL2151_1PTL Indicators

These indicators and push-to-test indicators allow for wide range and longer distance viewing capabilities.

PTMW11_1PTM Mushroom Head Pushbutton

The two sizes of mushroom head pushbuttons can be used where easier access to the switch is important.

PTPW41_1PTP Unlighted Pushbuttons

With four different guarding options the standard unlighted pushbutton can be used in many different applications.

PTSJK301_1PTS Selectors

Knob and wing lever style, two to four position switches provide high reliability switching capabilities.

PTUHD1CZA21_1PTU Selector-Push

These unique selector-push units combine up to four position selector action with a depress button for additional functionality.

PTV10_1PTV Potentiometer

500 Ohms to 1 Megaohm can be variably controlled with these units.

PTW2311_1PTW Compact Indicators

These compact indicators and push to test indicators allow bright feedback in a dense package.

PTY2101_1PTY Push-Pull

Our unique push-pull switches have two position and three position momentary and maintained functionality.