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PM Miniature Oiltight Controls

The pushbuttons and indicating lights available in this line provide a great deal of flexibility in a small package with up to 4 lights in an approximately 1″ square face plate. (the mounting size is a 22.5 mm round hole).

Contact blocks provide up to 4 SPDT silver or gold, momentary or alternating contacts. Digital legend films and color inserts fit inside the clear operator. Great panel space utilization! NEMA 4 and 13.

View the PM Miniature Oiltight Control catalog pages for more information.

PMHG132A1_1PMH Lighted Pushbutton

Up to four sections can be used for independent indication powered by 6 VAC/DC to 28 VAC/DC. NO and NC contacts with momentary or alternating action can provide a broad range of control options.

PMLL158A1_1PML Indicators

One to four quadrants of custom text with independent feedback lights allow for dense packaging in a single indicator.

PMS21A1_1PMP/PMS Pushbutton

Standard and extended plunger unlighted pushbuttons allow for custom text on the button face itself.