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Thermal Paste (Heat Sink Compound)

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3 mL of Thermal Paste (good for 5-7 switches)

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3 mL of Thermal Paste (good for 5-7 switches)
Thermal paste (or “grease”) aids heat transfer between the switch and contact surface by filling in microscopic imperfections in the metal surfaces. It is especially useful for pipe mount applications.

A key characteristic of this synthetic thermal grease is it’s long-term material stability. That means it won’t harden, dry out, or melt in normal industrial use.

Smear some paste on the sensing head of the thermostat switch prior to bolting or clamping down. (Not to be used as a glue.)

Operating Temperature: -40°F – 392°F (-40°C-200°C)

1 review for Thermal Paste (Heat Sink Compound)

  1. Marvin Pratt (verified owner)

    Good quality paste; amount is enough to use with test thermocouple many times.

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