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2570 Series Bimetal Thermostat

This time of year we get a lot of requests related to heating systems. Being based in Wisconsin, USA with a current temp of 9ºF we have lots of first hand experience with these issues. 🙂

A large number of people have Modine type space heaters in garages, sheds etc. Sometimes these us a simple on/off modineswitch for control. One of the downsides of some of these systems is that the fans will run all of the time that the unit is turned on. What can happen is that the unit will run the fan even when the temp is turned low and the heating part isn’t running. Then the fan will be blowing the cold air across the luke warm heat exchanger giving any people in the area a nice cool wind chill effect. Some times they end up with the opposite effect in that the fans don’t turn on soon enough or they add a booster fan that also runs to get into the far corners of the area being heated.

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Simple bimetal thermostat for a fairly low cost.

All of these changes can be made with a simple bimetal thermostat for a fairly low cost. Just be sure that if you use the 2570 series switches that you are using less then 15Amps on a 120 or 240VAC system. Also, make sure that you don’t override and self cooling system that prevents the heaters from over heating.aquastat

We help a lot of people add a pipe mount switch to these installations to address these issues. Some folks will suggest Aquastats for similar applications however the price point on these is generally in the $60 range versus less than $15 for a bimetal thermostat. Your choice.

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