404 Manual Reset Thermostat Switch - Large Bracket

Manual Reset or Automatic Reset

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Auto Reset

Automatic reset switches are good for application where hitting a high or low temperature is not ideal, but also not cause for alarm. An example of this is a hot plate for a water bowl on a farm. In this application, the switch will turn on a heater if the temperature gets below 35°F to prevent the water from freezing. Once the temperature gets above 45°F, then the switch will turn the heating element off. In this scenario, there is no need for a person to look at the hot plate when the switch triggers the heating element. The switch triggering is not an indication that anything is wrong, so a manual reset is not necessary.


Manual Reset

Manual reset switches are good for applications where hitting a certain temperature point means that a person needs to take a look at the something. With a manual reset, someone needs to go and physically press a button for the switch to reset, hopefully after identifying what the issue was. An example of this is a commercial coffee maker. The internal components of the coffee maker should never get above 225°F. If this happens, then a technician needs to take a look at the coffee maker to see what’s wrong. Even when the temperature drops back down, the manufacturers of the coffee maker don’t want it to be turned on until one of technicians goes out and takes a look at the machine. The manual reset ensures that the coffee maker won’t be turned back on until somebody opens up the machine and takes a look at it.


404 Manual Reset Thermostat Switch - Notched Bracket

To revisit the question: manual reset or automatic reset? The answer: it really depends on the application. They both have their uses, but it comes down to whether or not human intervention is needed.

Multiple mounting options, terminals, and temperatures are available. Please contact us with your application requirements for availability.


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