Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch Found in Thermo Heating Blankets

2570L108-227 Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch Found in Thermo Heating Blankets for Dragster Racing

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Tim ordered two 2570L108-227 thermostats to make warming blankets for his son’s dragsters. I had the opportunity to talk with Tim a little bit and here’s what he had to say about his project:

I am a Father of 2 boy who love to Jr Drag race. When we started racing this year the weather was cold, so I needed to find a way to keep the boys engines warm before they got to the starting line. I made thermo heating blankets using Senasys thermostat switch to operate the heating wire in the blankets. My idea worked great!!!

Temperature Switch Found in Thermo Heating Blankets

Our temperature switches work by using a bimetal disc. The bimetal disc in the switch reacts to heat, and opens or closes a set of contacts based on what the ambient temperature is. This is works because the different metals in the disc react to heat in different ways, which causes the disc to bend. The specific switch that Tim used opens at 100°F and closes at 85°F. This means that the switch turns on the warming blanket when the temperatures is below 85°F, and turns it off once the temperature gets up to 100°F.

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  • Variety of terminal orientations
  • Temperatures from 0°-350°F (-18°-176°C)
  • UL rated for over 100,000 cycles
  • Made in the USA

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