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Industrial Control Switch in a Control Panel

Industrial Control Switch

Senasys manufactures industrial control switches that are typically used in control panels. An industrial control switch is much more durable and robust than a standard switch. Their functionality is highly customizable, which makes them ideal for applications where off the shelf switches won’t get the job done.

Industrial Control Switches in a control panel

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A CMC industrial control switch works by opening and closing different sets of contacts. They system the switch is controlling is wired to these contacts, which are then controlled by a selector knob on the front of the switch. The number of contacts depends on the application of the switch. If the switch is doing something basic, such as turning a system on and off, then there might only be one or two sets of contacts in use. For more complicated applications, there could be 30-40 sets of contacts in use.

Contacts on a CMC switch

Control Panels

A common application for CMC switches is in control panels, particularly in instances where reliability is critical. Our switches are completely mechanical, so there is no software to cause glitches or errors. In a manufacturing plant, our switches have been used to control cooling pumps, heaters, furnaces, and many other systems.

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