UL Listed Switch

UL Listed Switch

You may be wondering what a UL File even is and why it relates to your temperature, pressure, or other type of switch. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a company that tests products and makes sure that they are safe. If they find a product to be safe under reasonable use, then the product will be assigned a UL file. A UL file shows that a product has underwent extensive testing to make sure that it is safe. In this post, we will discuss what a UL file is and what it means when a product is UL listed. For questions pertaining to a UL file and Senasys switch, contact us.

UL tests products that involve the use of electricity. Even though we use electricity every day, it’s important to remember that electricity can be dangerous. UL testing makes sure that a person is unlikely to be injured by using a device under normal circumstances. UL testing is thorough, but it doesn’t cover scenarios that wouldn’t reasonably happen. For example, a UL listed battery still could still explode if it was thrown into a fire. No battery would be able to pass a safety test like that, and no reasonable person would ever do something like that.

Are Senasys Switches UL Listed? 

All Senasys switches are UL listed, which in this case serves to identify how long they 2511 Direct Mount Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Direct Mount (1)will function and how much electricity they can handle. Our switches are rated for 100,000 cycles, which means that the contacts can open and close 100,000 times. In reality, our switches can actually handle about 1,000,000 cycles, but UL only tests for 100,000. There isn’t a specific reason for this, that’s just an arbitrary number that UL decided on.

Just because a product has a UL listing doesn’t mean that the product is high quality. It just means that the product is extremely unlikely to cause injury or damage under normal conditions. Some products have a cUL listing, which means that UL has done additional testing on the product to meet Canadian standards. This doesn’t mean that such a product is better or safer than a product that is only UL listed, it just means that it was tested to some different standards.

Keep in mind, Many products have UL listings, and the presence of a UL listing is meant to provide a level of confidence to consumers that the product is safe. However, not all products can have a UL listing. For example, a pencil can’t be UL listed because it doesn’t involve electricity in any way.


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