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High Limit TC Switches Can Be Used Anywhere

TC Switches Can Be Used Anywhere

One of our customers down south (I mean we are in Wisconsin so really anything to us is down south) had a shed/workshop that he wanted to cool down without using an air conditioning unit. He wanted to put an exhaust fan on a thermostat so even if he was not in the building the fan would go on keeping his enclosed shed from overheating. A fire fighter friend of his let him know if you have a fire in that building that it is just going to feed the flames and the building will go up into smokes pretty quickly.

TC Firestat Shed Application

They decided to place a high limit TC switch in the attic of the building to sense a high temperature over 200°F.This fan will cool the building if it goes above 80°F and if there is excessive heat sensed assuming a fire or smoke it would shut the blower off. Here we have a simple device with a simple real-life application. Do you have any cool applications that you are using for your products? If that answer is yes, please send an email to info@senasys.com with your application details!

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