Fixing a space heater yourself can save you both the headache and cost of hiring someone else to repair it for you or buying a new unit. Fortunately, there are typically only a few things that can go wrong with a space heater. Most issues will be caused by the heating element, the power supply, or the thermostat switch. Just remember to unplug the heater and wear a pair of rubber gloves when working with your heater.

Space Heater

If the issue is with the power source, then unfortunately you will most likely need to buy a new heater. An issue with the power source means that the internal wiring is most likely fried, and is not worth trying to repair. To avoid this issue, make sure that the outlet you plug your heater into has surge protection.

If the issue is with the heating element, remove the heating element and thoroughly clean it. Sometimes the accumulation of dust or grit can cause a heater to not give off enough heat.

If the issue is with the thermostat switch, the easiest thing to do would be to replace the switch. These switches wear out over time, and there isn’t a way to repair them without specialized equipment. That’s where we come in! Our temperature switches, such as our 2511 series, are often used in heaters as a safety limit switch. Simply replace the old switch with a new one, and your heater should be up and running again.

For a more in depth guide on fixing a space heater, check our the link here.

The Product

Our 2511 series switches can be used in high current applications; carrying up to 25 amps at 240VAC, for over 100,000 cycles (30 Amps at 12VDC for 30,000 cycles). These switches are available in a single-pole, single-throw device. A 3/4″ bimetal thermodisc at the heart of our thermostat is set to a precise temperature range within 0-350°F (-18-176°C). The temperature range determines when the thermal switch will close, or engage the electrical circuit, and when it will automatically reset, or open. Over 40 standard temperature ranges are available.

Snapdisc limit switch

For more information on limit switches in heaters, check out this article.

If you would like to know more about the various applications our snapdisc thermostats are used in, click here

For more information about our snap disc thermostats, click here.

Senasys is also able to provide custom options to fit your specific requirements. If you are unable to find a snapdisc that fits your specific needs, contact us!

As always, we love to hear from our customers about how they use our products. If you have an interesting application, tell us more about it here!


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