Fan and Limit Electronic Temperature Controller

Electronic Temperature Controller – Fan and LimitFan and Limit Electronic Temperature Controller

Senasys often receives temperature sensing requests for close on temperature rise (fan) and open on temperature rise (limit) applications. In the past we recommend using two snap disc thermostat switches – one to close on temperature rise and the other to open. As we proceed to develop our electronic temperature controller, it became quite obvious that we could achieve this using today’s technology by using a single-pole, double throw relay. By programming the arduino to close the contacts when the first temperature limit is reached to turn on a blower, and if temperature continues to rise in the system open the contacts to shut the system down. Check out the diagram on the right! It’s really become a simple, versatile electronic temperature control.

Electronic Temperature Controller

The electronic temperature controller is a cost-effective, temperature switching solution that allows tight differentials and tolerances that mechanical thermostat switches can’t provide. This versatile switching solution can be customized in a variety of ways making it a great solution for your next application!  For more information about the temperature controller, visit the product page or request a quote!

More information about the panel mount temperature controller.Purchase our standard panel mount temperature controller. Request for quote for a custom temperature controller.



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