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Custom Temperature Switches

Do you need a temperature switch for a custom application? We are able to build a wide variety of custom temperature switches. Our switches are made in the US, so we have a great deal of flexibility in what we are able to manufacture. We also make many of our own component parts, furthering our ability to handle custom requests.

Previous Builds

We have built switches with #8-32 and #10-32 stud mounts for customers who can’t use our standard #6-32 stud mount.

We have built a switch assembly that featured two switch connected in a single wire assembly. This assembly was used to monitor multiple points on a system and turn on a freezer if the temperature got above 40°F.

Our standard terminal options are 0°, 45°, and 90°, but we are able to put a custom bend on our terminals. We build a switch with the terminals bent at 135°.

Custom Capabilities

We are able to build switches with a variety of custom options, including:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Stud Mounts
  • Pipe Mounts
  • Terminals
  • Wire Lengths
  • Wire Gauges
  • Wire Connectors

Competitor Switches

Other companies, including Therm-O-Disk, Honeywell, and Sensata typically have larger minimum order quantities for custom options. We are much more flexible with customers who are looking for smaller quantities.

If you need custom temperature switches, make sure to contact us. Our customer service team would be happy to go over details with you. You can call us at 715-831-6353 or send an email to info@senasys.com with any pictures or drawings you have.