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Application Notes

Bi-metal Snap Disc

What is bimetal anyway?

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats You’ll see the term bimetal used quite a bit on this website so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you exactly what that means in regards to our products. Give us a call for for more information or visit our online store to purchase. Our […]

430 Pipe Mount Thermostat Switch

Pipe Mount Thermostat Switches FAQs

Senasys offers a variety of pipe mount thermostat switches. Available in our auto reset, manual reset and epoxy sealed series, the pipe mount thermostats have become a popular item for many of our customers. Typically when mounting the switch to the outer diameter of the pipe, the switch is sensing […]

Thermal Paste

Thermal Paste Improves Efficiency of Heat Transfer

Thermal paste, thermal grease, thermal gel, thermal compound, heat paste, heat sink compound– call it what you will. TSTP-S3 – Operating Temperature: -40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F) Though the surface of your newly purchased thermostat switch seems smooth, it’s not.  Same goes for that pipe or housing that you’re […]

Fixed Temperature Switches

Bi-Metal Thermostat Temperature Selection

Bi-Metal Thermostat FAQs We get lots of questions on the temperature choices of bi-metal thermostats. I’ll try to answer a few of those here: Give us a call or look at our catalog for more information or visit our online store to purchase. How accurate are the bi-metal thermostats? ± 5° […]