Snap Disc Thermostat Controls Generator
Bi-Metal snap disc thermostats are a simple temperature control solution for many appliances, such as portable […]
Fan and Limit Electronic Temperature Controller
Electronic Temperature Controller – Fan and Limit Senasys often receives temperature sensing requests for close on […]
Battery Banks & Snap Discs Working Together One of our customers uses our snap disc thermostats […]
Thermostat Switch Effects Car Horn Repair
Freeze Protecting Thermostat Switch Horn on a car was going off in the middle of the night […]
Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch
Temperature Switch Found in Thermo Heating Blankets 2570L108-227 Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch For more information about our […]
2511 Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch
Thermal Switch On the Motorhome Water Bay Heater 2511 Series Automatic Reset Thermal Switch As long […]
Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostat Switches
Thermal Switch Controls Auxiliary Cooling Fans Thermal Switch (thermostat) specs:  2570F108-665 (Close 105°F, Open 95°F) Thermal […]
Sealed Bimetal Snap Disc Thermostats
Sealed Bimetal Snap Disc Thermostats 2570 Series Sealed Thermostat Switch A large US based military vehicle […]
15 Amp Auto Reset Thermostat Switches
Background:  This application note applies to the use of 2570 thermostats as survival heaters on the […]
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