Capillary Switch in Fryer

Capillary Switch Works as a Control and Limit

Capillary Switch in Fryer

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In a deep fryer a single or double capillary may be used. The bulb portion of the capillary is made of Stainless steel or a plated copper and is immersed directly into the fluid being heated. One capillary may be used as a control switch turning the heating elements on and off at pre-set or adjustable temperature.

Many fryers use a second capillary switch as a limit to prevent the heating elements from a runaway condition causing the heated medium to overheat and burn. The capillary switch can be a simple probe type with the diaphragm connected directly to the switch. Or it can be a bulb and capillary type so the contacts portion can be located a distance away from the immersed bulb.

Capillary switches can be a manual reset requiring human intervention, or automatic. The better quality capillary thermostat switches, such as ours, can be ambient temperature compensated. The less expensive ones are not.

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