Successful Burn Test

UL94 Flammability Standards

Recently a customer inquired about some of the certifications our switches carry. One that they asked about was UL94, which is a flammability standard for plastics (here’s the Wikipedia article). While our complete switches aren’t rated for UL94, or any other particular flammability rating for that matter, individual components are. How then do the completed switches stack up to the standard? Well, since I happen to have a Titan soldering torch sitting on my desk, I decided to find out.

The UL rating calls out how quickly the flame dissipates and the likelihood of the plastic spreading the fire as it melts. With Titan in hand (which reaches 2400°F), I set out to see how our 1/2” sealed thermal switch would fair. Here is a video of the test.

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Successful Burn Test

Successful Burn Test

As you can see in the video the switch takes sustained exposure to very high heat just to ignite the plastic.  The plastic stops burning quickly and the melted particles which fell to the paper did not spread the fire.  In fact the paper didn’t seem scorched at all.

    Not a certification, but I’d say our little thermostat did quite well.

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