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Battery Banks and Snap Disc Thermostats Work Together

Battery Banks & Snap Discs Working Together

One of our customers uses our snap disc thermostats in a very interesting way. The thermostat switch is mounted directly to the surface of their large battery stacks. As noted in the picture you can see that there is a small space between the shelves that the switches can fit into. That is because the 1/2″ snap disc thermostat has a smaller footprint, making it a great solution for this small space, and it can react to the temperature change very quickly. They create a series loop using several temperature sensors touching the case of the batteries. When the case of the batteries gets too hot, the switch opens up the circuit. Once that circuit is opened their monitoring device connected to them sends a page message alert to warm the team of a high battery temperature condition.  As the room temperature or the battery is cooled down, the switch will close, completing the circuit, which will clear the alarm. The switch works by using a bi-metal disc. As the bi-metal reacts to the increase of temperature, the contacts close and provide power to the alarm. As the temperature cools, the bi-metal again reacts and opens the circuit, which turns off the alarm.

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Battery Stack Application       Battery Stack Close Up      Snap Disc Thermostat Battery Bank

Our Digital Switch would be another great solution in an application such as this. With our digital switch you are able to pick settings that are right for you and your application. The settings can be preset or adjustable depending on your needs.  As well as tight tolerances, the digital switch is great for custom applications! Check out our webpage for additional information on our new product!

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