A common application use for Senasys automatic reset thermostat switches is limit protection when a temperature is exceed. For instance, our snap disc thermostats are commonly found in food equipment such as hot holding food warmer units. These appliances are commonly used to To-Go & Delivery order pizzas warm until customers arrive or orders are dispatched. When the surface temperature of the food warmer reaches 240°F, the heating element shut downs to prevent overheating – or burning the pizza! Once the temperature returns to 200°F the automatic reset snap disc thermostat turns the heating element back on to keep the unit warm – and more importantly that yummy pizza.

Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch Controls Food Equipment

In turn, our automatic reset thermostat switches could also be used in refrigeration units. If air temperature were to exceed 50°F, the thermostat switch can kick on cooling equipment. Once the temperature falls below 35°F, the snap disc thermostat can open shutting down the cooling equipment to prevent cold food from freezing – such as cold meat sandwiches.

About Automatic Reset Thermostat Switches

15 Amp Auto Reset Thermostat Switches

Senasys automatic reset thermostat switches work great for controlling equipment to be sure temperature is maintained. These robust thermostat switches can be used in high current applications; carrying up to 25 amps at 240VAC, for over 100,000 cycles (30 Amps at 12VDC for 30,000 cycles).  With a variety of mounting and terminal options available, these switches can sense up to 450°F.

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