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Senasys Snapdisc to Therm-O-Disc (TOD) Cross Reference

We offer a number of drop in replacements for Therm-O-Disc temperature switches. Senasys snapdisc switches function just like TOD switches do, so you won’t need to modify your system or device to make our switches work. We have no minimum order quantities and all our 3/4” switches are built in the US. If you’re not sure what switch you need, our customer service team is always ready to help you at 715-831-6353 or info@senasys.com.

3/4” Auto Reset Switches

Our 2511 series and 404 series work as replacements for the 60T series of Therm-O-Disc switches. These switches use a 3/4” disc and can be either automatic or manual reset. TOD switches have a temperature code, such as L150. The “L” means that it’s a limit switch, and the “150” means that the switch opens at 150°F. You can find a nomenclature guide for TOD parts here.

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You can find a cross reference of some common TOD part numbers below:

60T21 – 2511L003

60T22 – 2511F003

60T11 – 2511L002

60T12 – 2511F002

2511 Large Bracket Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Surface Mount (2)
3/4” Auto Reset Switch

3/4” Epoxy Sealed Switches

Our 2570 series works as a replacement for 37T series switches. Just like the 60T switches, the 37T switches use a 3/4” disc. These switches are epoxy sealed, so they are able to safely function in “dirty” environments. They have their own nomenclature, which you can see here.

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You can find a cross reference of some common TOD part numbers below:

37T21 – 2570L334

37T22 – 2570F334

Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Switches
3/4” Epoxy Sealed Switch

If you are having trouble finding the replacement you need, be sure to contact us. Our team will help you find a replacement to your Therm-O-Disc switch. Even if your switch doesn’t match with standard TOD nomenclature, we will still typically be able to help you find an equivalent Senasys part.

Senasys designs and manufactures a wide range of thermostat switches including; bimetal snap action, fluid filled capillary style, and a digital style thermostat switch. Available as a fixed temperature or adjustable temperature solution, our thermostat switches range from sensing -50-700°F. Our thermostat switches are made in the USA, 100% tested before leaving the factory, and sold all over the globe. We offer a variety of mounting options, terminals, and other custom configurations, in additional to fast lead times.