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Snap Disc Thermostats

Fixed Temperature Thermostat Switches

Bimetal Snap Disc Style

Senasys manufactures a wide variety of bimetal, fixed temperature, snap disc thermostat switches. Available as a 3/4″ for a larger surface area giving you a more accurate response or 1/2″ surface area for those small spaces.

Quality-engineered thermal sensors specifically designed for a variety of major appliances, including clothes dryers, hot liquid and food-dispensing machines, room unit and space heaters, air conditioning systems, copy machines, engine heaters, and wood stoves.

Senasys bimetal snap disc thermostat switches are available in four different options: automatic reset, hermetically epoxy sealed, manual reset, or single shot. Choose an option below to learn more. Or visit our online shop to buy now!



Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch →

This type of control can be built to either open or close its electrical contacts as the temperature increases. Once the temperature of the bimetal disc has returned to the specified reset temperature, the contacts will automatically return to their original state.

Automatic Reset Thermostat switches


Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Switch →

The epoxy sealed thermostat switch is designed for extended use in extreme environments. These automatic reset switches are built using our patented metal sleeve rivet construction and sealed to protect against salt spray, water, moisture and heat.

Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Switches

Loose Mount Manual Reset (6)

Manual Reset Thermostat Switch →

This type of control is available only with electrical contacts that open as the temperature increases. The contacts may be reset by manually pushing on the reset button after the control has cooled below the open temperature calibration.

Manual Reset Thermostat Switches

Large Flange Auto Reset (3)

Single Shot Operation Thermostat Switch →

The single shot thermostats are specifically designed as high limit devices for applications where automatic reset thermostats are not desired. These reliable devices are especially well-suited for application in small and major appliances and industrial and high technology products. To insure that a safe combination of thermostat and application is achieved, the purchaser must determine product suitability for their individual requirements

Single Shot Thermostat Switches

4 thoughts on “Snap Disc Thermostats”

  1. Because of the vast array of things you could do or control with your solar panel I would need a little more information on the system being controlled in order to recommend a switch.

    Thank you

  2. My company is searching for a True DC Thermostat that can be a snap type disc or other but it has to be able to handle switching 1200 watts, 37 volts up to 35 amps DC Arcing is a major problem when trying to use AC design thermostats and can be dangerous when using to heat hot water.

    1. Unfortunately our switches are only rated for 0.5 amps at 24 VDC, so we don’t have anything that would meet that requirement.

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