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Manual Reset Temperature Switch FAQs

Manual Reset Temperature Switch FAQs

Senasys snap disc temperature switches are available in three functions: automatic, manual and one shot. A manual reset temperature switch is commonly used in an overheat application. For example, if there is an excessive amount of temperature rise, the switch stops the equipment and doesn’t allow the equipment to turn […]

Temperature Switch Controls Heating Element

Temperature Switch Distance from Heating Element

The location of the temperature switch inside the system should be well thought through. Temperature will change in various locations within the system depending on the heating element location. The further you distance from the heating element, the lower the temperature. Where a temperature switch is located will determine how […]

Manual Reset Thermostat Switches Limits Hot Beverage Dispenser

Manual Reset Thermostat Switch Limits Food Equipment

Senasys designs and manufactures a variety of manual reset thermostat switches to function as a limit (contacts open on temperature rise) to shut down a piece of equipment. These thermostats are commonly found in food and beverage equipment, such as hot beverage dispensers. Each piece of equipment has a control, […]

432 Manual Reset Thermostat Switches, Surface Mount

Manual Reset Limit Switch Common Uses

Senasys’ manual reset limit switches are a temperature sensing device with normally closed contacts. The contacts open (limit) at a factory set point. Once that limit is reached, a human must manually press the red reset button for the switch to return back to the normally closed state. Manual reset […]

Digital temperature switch

Senasys Releases Economical and Adaptable Digital Temperature Switch

Digital switch offers custom solutions for temperature sensing needs. Altoona, WI (October 14, 2019) — Senasys, a well renowned manufacturer of mechanical temperature switches, recently released a cost effective and versatile digital temperature switching solution. The digital temperature switch can monitor and control temperature in heating and cooling applications with […]

panel mount temperature control

Panel Mount Temperature Control in Production Line

During the research and development phase for the digital temperature switch, we had a new application brought to us which allowed Senasys to pair a thermocouple with the temperature controller rather than our standard RTD sensor. A production line uses a hot brander to stamp cover plates (figure 1). As […]

Temperature Controller Non-Isolated Switching Regulator

Temperature Controller Power Options

During the research and development phase of the digital temperature controller, we determined 120VAC to 5VDC power supply or wire leads for incoming 5VDC power from the user’s system would be required. As we have worked with more applications, we have made a third power option available – 7 to […]

Digital Temperature Controller How To

Digital Temperature Controller How To

The newest addition to our line of switching and sensing products is our Digital Temperature Controller, which can be used to monitor and switch temperature in your system. It would work great to determine what Fixed Temperature or Adjustable Temperature thermostat switch would work best within your application. For more […]

Digital Temperature Sensor

Digital Temperature Sensor Relay Testing

During the research phase of the digital temperature sensor, we determined the industry standard for digital switching solutions was 10 Amps at 120VAC. With our experience with mechanical temperature switches we set the bar for a minimum of 100,000 cycles. To see our cycle test findings continue reading below. For […]

Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch

Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch

Snap Disc Fan and Limit Thermostat Application Senasys recently had a manufacturer reach out to us with a temperature monitoring application where they would like to have a thermostat switch control the fan and limit. The manufacturer was previously using a Honeywell Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch, P/N L4064B2236, in a […]