Three Quarter Inch Auto Reset Snap Disc Thermostats
As a leading manufacturer of temperature sensing and control products, we have garnered a reputation for […]
Differences in Wire Gauges
Why do the differences in wire gauges matter? Simple, using too thin of a wire could […]
UL Listed Switch
You may be wondering what a UL File even is and why it relates to your […]
Temperature Switch Controls Heating Element
The location of the temperature switch inside your heating element should be well thought through. Temperature […]
431 Series Pipe Mount Thermostat Switches
As an easy guide for you we have created this simple cross reference guide to help […]
Senasys customer support is always here to help with whatever questions you my have. Senasys recently […]
Digital Temperature Switch Custom Options
Configuring a customized digital temperature switch to meet your application requirements is simple and we have […]
Manual Reset Thermostat Switch
Senasys bi-metal snap disc thermostats can directly replace many other snap disc thermostats such as Thermodisc […]
Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch Controls Food Equipment
A common application use for Senasys automatic reset thermostat switches is limit protection when a temperature […]
Since releasing our digital temperature switch, we have received a wide array of application requests that […]
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