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Tag: Temperature Sensitive Switch

Brown University – E and B Experiment (EBEX)

Background:  This application note applies to the use of 2570 thermostats as survival heaters on the EBEX astrophysical experiment. Since EBEX is a balloon-borne experiment which will be flying at low temperatures (typical range: 0 to -40 Celsius), various electronic components need to be maintained above some failure temperature, typically […]

Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostat Switches

NC State Correctional Facility – Lights, Camera

Epoxy Sealed Thermostats Used at Correctional Facility To keep a security camera dry and cool in the presence of hot, moist conditions. 2570 Series Sealed Thermostats P/N 2570F016–047 – Fan (close on rise), close at 90° F ± 5° F, open at 80° F ± 5° F with 8.5” red […]