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Tag: Snap Action Micro Switches

431 Epoxy Sealed Thermal Switch Direct Mount

Snap Disc Freeze Protection Thermostats & Suds

A common application use for Senasys snap disc thermostats is freeze protection. We received a new application from a car wash company, who need a way to insure their equipment doesn’t freeze. They need to make sure the temperature is high enough in the bill boxes and automated cashier to […]

Snap Disc Thermostats

How To Choose Which Switch Is Best For You?

Which Switch is Best for You? Senasys manufacturers a large variety of switches for HVAC systems, including our TC Switch (Firestat), bulb and capillary thermostat, bi-metal switches and micro snap action switches. Temperature HVAC Switches Senasys manufactures a wide array of temperature switches for HVAC systems including bulb and capillary […]

Basic Snap Action Switch Signals

Micro Switch Used As A Signal

Micro Switch Used As A Signal One of our manufacturers use the JMP100 to signal if the door is closed on aircraft before take off. The small size of the switch and the durability of the plunger makes a great solution. Wired Normally Open or Normally Closed, the switch can […]

Whisker Switch Locates Object

Snap Action Locating Switch

Whisker Switch Found on Conveyor Belts One of our manufacturers use the JMP100 with a short whisker actuator to sense the location of a spice bottle. A row of the whisker switches allow the production line to locate, stop the movement, and add something to the container before the spice bottle moves […]

Made in the USA

Senasys Switches are Made in the U.S.A. You don’t come across this too often anymore, which is why we are proud to say it, Senasys switches are made in the U.S.A. Senasys offers a variety of different switches including our thermostat switches, snap action micro switches, air, pressure and vacuum […]