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Snap Action Locating Switch

Whisker Switch Locates ObjectWhisker Switch Found on Conveyor Belts

One of our manufacturers use the JMP100 with a short whisker actuator to sense the location of a spice bottle. A row of the whisker switches allow the production line to locate, stop the movement, and add something to the container before the spice bottle moves on. It also counts the number of products as they go through production. Click the diagram to magnify.

That’s a lot of automation out of a small snap action switch!

A whisker switch works well when you are locating light weight parts, such as spice bottles, in production. You can use the whisker, a leaf, or a plunger to bump up against in order to locate whatever you need.

For more information about the JMP Whisker switch, visit our website, jmpswitches.com!

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