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Senasys Releases Economical and Adaptable Digital Temperature Switch

Digital switch offers custom solutions for temperature sensing needs.Digital temperature switch

Altoona, WI (October 14, 2019) — Senasys, a well renowned manufacturer of mechanical temperature switches, recently released a cost effective and versatile digital temperature switching solution.

The digital temperature switch can monitor and control temperature in heating and cooling applications with a temperature range of -50°F to 200°F and a differential range of 0°F to 250°F using our standard RTD sensor. It is extremely accurate and ideal for applications involving tight tolerances and differentials. Other sensor options including K-Type thermocouple are available.

The switch action is SPDT/SPST, with a rating of 10A@120V AC, 8A@30V DC for resistive loads, and 5A@120V AC, 4A@30V DC for inductive loads. All models require 5V DC to operate. It also features a high level of customization, including: amperages, lead lengths, case and display configurations, sensors and power.

The Senasys digital switch is an intuitive piece of equipment that makes monitoring temperature easy. The switch can be used as a standalone piece, or it can be built into a machine.

The digital temperature switch can be fixed or adjustable. The adjustable models have an OLED display and internal screw or operator knobs for adjustment of the switching temperature and differential. The fixed temperature digital switch is programmed to meet the application requirements and uses an LED light to illustrate the state of relay – open or close.

Other digital switches can cost hundreds of dollars. Our digital temperature switch provides original equipment manufacturers a low cost solution using today’s technology.

If you would like more information about the digital switch or to purchase, visit the product page.

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