Firestat Duct Fan Limit Controls

These firestat limit switches are installed in air ducts to shut down heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment when air temperature in duct exceeds a pre-set limit.

The Duct High Temperature Limits feature a helix bimetal element that senses rapid increases in duct temperature, such as those caused by fire. The high temperature limit then operates an SPST switch that opens with a rise in temperature. A manual reset button reactivates the temperature limit after the high-temperature condition has cleared. These duct high temperature limits are indispensable in specialized HVAC applications and Building Automation Systems.

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TC-7-1-180x180Adjustable Temperature Duct Limit Switch

Firestat models TC-100, TC-105, TC-108 are field adjustable with a temperature range of 100°-250°F… (read more)

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Firestat-Reset2Fixed Temperature Duct Limit Switch

The Models TC-205 Duct High Temperature Limits are Fixed Temp with a 5″ insertion element… (read more)

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