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Nanospark: A Resource For Senasys

Senasys Releases Machine Interface

There’s a new member of the Senasys family-Nanospark.  Already, we’re using it around our facility for some projects.

Drawing on powerful iOS features and Nanospark, we are modernizing and communicating with equipment, saving energy around the facility, and creating a secure work environment.  Here are three examples:

Equipment Monitoring →

First, we’re monitoring equipment connected to the Nanospark Controller.  With a text message, owner Steve Dye can communicate, activate or shut down equipment anytime and from anywhere (with a phone signal).  For instance, from the dinner table he might text “Water valve status” to confirm that it was shut off at the end of the shift.  If the reply states that it’s on, he’ll text “Water valve off”.  A few seconds later he’ll get the reply text confirming that the oven is now off.

Machine Monitor

Equipment Timer
Nanospark used as a timer for our screw machine.

Digital Timer →

Nanospark is also helping us save electricity.  We use the scheduling feature of the Nanospark Controller to customize when equipment is on or off.  For example, our in-house screw machine needs to continue running after our shop employees have finished their shift, but we want it to stop running when the bar stock is done.  So, with the Nanospark we schedule the screw machine to turn off at 2:01 a.m. We save energy and wear and tear on our screw machine!

Digital Equipment Timer

Security System →

As an employee of Senasys, I have access to a keyless entry system- setup via the Nanospark Controller and a custom app we made.  I send a text from my phone to gain entry to the facility when authorized.  It is as easy as texting ‘{Name} {password}’.  Even more convenient, if we were to lose an employee we don’t need to hunt them down for their key, we just delete their profile from the system.  It’s like having a personal doorman. (See a brief demo of the doorman in action.)

Smart Security System

We’re finding that Nanospark has endless possibilities to improve our facility.  We hope you’ll find good use for it too!

For more information about Nanospark or to purchase visit our website, www.nanospark.com.

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