432 Manual Reset Thermostat Switches, Surface Mount

Digital Temperature Switch RTD SensorOur digital temperature switch is a highly accurate temperature switching solutions and is available with multiple different sensor options using a standard RTD sensor including:

  • Probe Style
  • Epoxy Sealed Surface Mount
  • K-Type Thermocouple

For more information about the best sensor option, continue reading below.

For more information about the digital temperature switch, click here!


Our probe style and k-type thermocouple will provide the most accurate switching temperature (±1°F), whereas the epoxy sealed style will have a ±2.5°F tolerance. Due to the epoxy, the temperature changes causing a less accurate reading.

Senasys tested this in house by placing the sensor in a temperature bath at three different temperatures, comparing the bath temperature to the digital temperature switch read out display. At each temperature, low to high, the digital switch had a read out that varied approximately 2.5°.

Although, this temperature switching solution does provide users with a more accurate switching temperature than our mechanical controls which typically have a tolerance of ±5°.


The digital temperature switch is a simple solution to monitor and control temperature in heating and cooling applications. Built for original equipment manufactures, the digital temperature switch can be used a standalone sensor inside an enclosure, or mount the board directly to your control panel. Using a 10 Amp, SPDT relay, the digital temperature switch can control various equipment such as a fan or compressor. Other amperage options available.

For more information about the digital temperature switch, click here to visit the product page.


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