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Manual Reset Limit Switch Common Uses

Senasys’ manual reset limit switches are a temperature sensing device with normally closed contacts. The contacts open (limit) at a factory set point. Once that limit is reached, a human must manually press the red reset button for the switch to return back to the normally closed state. Manual reset limit switches are commonly found in areas where temperature should not increase and needs to be looked at before returning back to normal before the equipment or appliance can work again.

432 Manual Reset Thermostat Switches, Surface Mount


Senasys designs and manufactures two different manual reset switches – 25 Amps or 15 Amps at 120VAC.

Our 25 Amp manual reset thermostat switch is available with exposed caps, great for unique applications which require a faster response time. The 15 Amp manual reset switches are available in many different mounting options for custom applications.

Senasys manual reset thermostat switches are UL approved and made in the U.S.A.

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2 thoughts on “Manual Reset Limit Switch Common Uses”

  1. I am supporting electrical commissioning of an air separation unit in Indianapolis, IN for Messer LLC.
    We have an immersion heater in the lube oil system of a major piece of equipment.,
    The heater (Wattco) was supposed to be provided with a high limit switch set at 175F with manual reset.
    It did not meet either criteria.
    Does Senasys have a unit that could meet this specification?
    the control system is 120VAC with a load of less than an amp.
    The existing switch has a 40″ +/- capillary.

    1. We should have something that works for you. I’ll send you an email and we can figure out what part would work for you. We offer custom temperatures that aren’t listed on our website, so I’m sure we’ll be able to find something that fits your application.

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