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Epoxy Sealed Thermostats Ambient Temperature Testing

Senasys thermostat switches stand out from other manufacturer’s because of our testing and inspection. Our epoxy sealed thermostat switches have been tested down to -70°F and reacted to a temperature change of -50°F. They are excellent for dirty environments, as the epoxy completely protects the disc from moisture or debris. Epoxied sealed switches are slightly more expensive, but the cost is well worth it in some applications. Give us a call for for more information or visit our online store to purchase.

A thermostat switch should be temperature compensated to adjust the switch’s performance for when changes in temperature occur. For instance, a temperature switch may be set for the contacts to close at -30°F, but air temperature may reach -50°F. If the  switch wasn’t temperature compensated, the switch may have a poor reaction to the low temperature within the equipment and cause failure.

431 Epoxy Sealed Pipe Mount Thermal Switch
An epoxy sealed switch

At Senasys we offer a program for certified switches, and in many applications it pays dividends reducing the number of failures. We perform a secondary chamber test and supply our customers the switching data on each switch with a serial number at an additional cost. If you’d like to learn more about our 100% certified switch testing, click here to contact us!

For more information about our thermostat switches, click here to visit the product page!

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