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Application Notes

Firestat Duct Limit Controls

High Limit Switch Senses Material Dryer Temperature

Limit Switch Monitors Air Flow & Temperature When drying any material in an air stream you want to make sure everything is flowing. One of our manufacturers utilizes a TC High limit temperature control to make sure everything is on the move. High Limit Switch Senses Rapid Increase in Dryer Temperature […]

Capillary Switch Monitor Air Tunnel Temperature

Thermostat Limit Switches Monitor Hot Air Tunnels

Thermostat Limit Switches Cycle Heating Elements In a commercial or industrial hot air tunnel used for shrink wrap or for drying, a double bulb and capillary thermostat switch and a snap disc thermostat switch are commonly used. Generally P/N 351-253890 double bulb and capillary thermostat is found in these systems, […]

2511 Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch

Temperature Switch for Generator

Senasys designs and manufactures a variety of snap disc thermostat switches for many motor home and portable generator units. The manufacturer’s of these older generators will not be able to offer a snap disc thermostat replacement, but Senasys makes snap disc thermostats or limit switches for many generators. See the cross […]

Modine Type Heater with Aquastat or Bimetal Thermostat

Modine Type Heater with Aquastat or Bimetal Thermostat

Bimetal Thermostat Controls Space Heater Fans 2570 Series Bimetal Thermostat This time of year we get a lot of requests related to heating systems. Being based in Wisconsin, USA with a current temp of 9ºF we have lots of first hand experience with these issues. 🙂 A large number of people […]

Brown University – E and B Experiment (EBEX)

Background:  This application note applies to the use of 2570 thermostats as survival heaters on the EBEX astrophysical experiment. Since EBEX is a balloon-borne experiment which will be flying at low temperatures (typical range: 0 to -40 Celsius), various electronic components need to be maintained above some failure temperature, typically […]

Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostat Switches

NC State Correctional Facility – Lights, Camera

Epoxy Sealed Thermostats Used at Correctional Facility To keep a security camera dry and cool in the presence of hot, moist conditions. 2570 Series Sealed Thermostats P/N 2570F016–047 – Fan (close on rise), close at 90° F ± 5° F, open at 80° F ± 5° F with 8.5” red […]