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Duct Fan Limit Switch

High Limit TC Switches Can Be Used Anywhere

TC Switches Can Be Used Anywhere One of our customers down south (I mean we are in Wisconsin so really anything to us is down south) had a shed/workshop that he wanted to cool down without using an air conditioning unit. He wanted to put an exhaust fan on a […]

Battery Stack Application

Battery Banks and Snap Disc Thermostats Work Together

Battery Banks & Snap Discs Working Together One of our customers uses our snap disc thermostats in a very interesting way. The thermostat switch is mounted directly to the surface of their large battery stacks. As noted in the picture you can see that there is a small space between […]

Digital Sensor with Surface Mount

Adjustable Temperature Switches

Senasys, a leading sensor and switch manufacture, provides a variety of adjustable temperature switches for monitoring and controlling different heating elements. There are many styles and temperature variations available for multiple applications. Our adjustable temperature switches are made in the USA, 100% tested before leaving the factory and sold all […]

Temperature Switch Common Applications

Illustrative Uses for Bimetal Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch Common Applications Each below concept works great with our Temperature Switches.  Of course, you’d just have to mount the switch and wire it to the device that’s shown as plugged into the powerstrip. For more information about our snap disc thermostats, click here. If you’re looking to design […]